Thursday, January 21, 2010

good intentions

what you need to know about donating to Haiti:
good intentions are not enough

Don’t send shoes, send money. Don’t send baby formula, send money. Don’t send old coats, send money.  

more: NY Times  



Owen said...

Thank you for helping raise consciousness about Haiti, every little bit helps I think.

I gave money, I wish I could do more...

You are right, and I hope alot more people all over the world are going to dig deep in their pockets to give alot more money... Haiti will need it.

Susan said...

Well said,well done. I feel a broken record when it comes to this...the ability for folks to text msg is helping, I hope. Meaning that many who have never given online or sent checks (also not good unless absolutely necessary), are doing so. I have had five million (OK, that's a bit of exaggeration) people ask me in person, on-line, about blankets, water, etc. Being at Haitian Embassy helping with phone boards last week was nuts...trying to get in the door around massive piles of stuff was irritating. Esp. since people had been asked to please not do this...I've been at this for other disasters & I understand the impulse. thanks for this...

neva gagliano said...

money, not stuff.
money, not intentions.

such a stunning photo here.

TechnoBabe said...

There are some amazing photos in your blog. It is wonderful to see all the blogs supporting the people in Haiti.

d i a n a m u s e said...

We are well advised. Thanks for this.

Happy weekend to you.