Tuesday, September 8, 2009


These are my words

Still filled with longing

Yet no longer fueled by passion

These are my words

Hard and cruel to silence your lies

You the fair haired boy

I the dark maiden

These are my words

Strong the spell now broken

When I listen to yours

There is only the occasional dream

A shadow song

A field on a summer day

And the passing of time

K. Pilapovich

:image here


rebecca said...

what a beautiful poem. so moving and interesting, i need to start writing poems again. just love the picture at the top of the post. there is something so beautiful and amazing about running through fields. it feels like your part of nature in a weird way. its hard to explain.

Lydia said...

Love, love that photo!

I was certainly glad to get to the end of the poem and see that someone else wrote it, as I would hate to see you experiencing that in your life.