Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What the doctor ordered


Taking a poetry break:

"Canada's national health insurance program, often referred to as "Medicare", is designed to ensure that all residents have reasonable access to medically necessary hospital and physician services, on a prepaid basis. Instead of having a single national plan, we have a national program that is composed of 13 interlocking provincial and territorial health insurance plans, all of which share certain common features and basic standards of coverage. Framed by the Canada Health Act, the principles governing our health care system are symbols of the underlying Canadian values of equity and solidarity.

Canada's health care system has its share of problems, (long wait times, doctor shortages), but if Canada's governing party decided to scrap the Canadian Health Act and go with the American system, I would bet that not one member of parliament would be re-elected.

Medical debt is the principal cause of bankruptcy in the United States. Give Obama a break - he's just what the doctor ordered."

From a Canadian: The Clever Pup


Lydia said...

Yes, this is great and perfect photo!

I read about this last week and think you'll find it quite interesting, especially in light of your post. Canadians selected the Ten Greatest Canadians, and first place went to the man who is responsible for the health care system there! ......More about Tommy Douglas at the link inside the article.

California Girl said...

Clever Pup sent me here.

I am going INSANE over the health care reform debate which is no longer a debate but a thinly disguised opportunity to do say terrible things to and about President Obama at every turn.

Bee said...

I wonder what it will take for Congress to move forward on this vital issue?

monk said...

it kills me that human life is held below money to so many...