Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The weight of the world Is love

"The weight of the world
Is love
Under the burden
Of solitude
Under the burden
Of dissatisfaction

The weight
The weight we carry
Is love.

Who can deny?
In dreams
It touches
The body,
In thought
A miracle,
Its imagination
Till born
In human
Looks out of the heart
Burning with purity--
For the burden of life
Is love."

from Song~Allan Ginsberg

: loveology


Kelly Marszycki said...

your choice of words juxtaposed with the image of weightlessness -- marvelous!

india said...

in dreams...

Owen said...

Dear Secret Fragile Skies, I came over here from Lydia's place, and can't resist the photos and moods you are creating here... the kind of subtle magic one finds on foggy mornings along back country roads... hope to stop back from time to time as time allows. Thank you in any case for this glimpse of ... magic.

PS This is purely a hunch, but you may enjoy taking a look at Floating Bridge of Dreams at :

layers said...

What a magical image--- looks like it is from a dream-- and the Ginsberg poem is a perfect match.

Marc. said...

God, so brilliant!!!

Salutation from lisbon,

Namasté M.