Friday, August 28, 2009


my mother (on the left) and aunt (via naomi rose)

I cannot remember loving you

Certainly the events

But never the feelings

They pass through my mind now as a question

What is true

How did I let this happen

Is youth really an excuse

The memory of you has faded

How could I have accepted so little

I blame myself

You were only a willing participant of a made up love

In a mind, fanciful and full of longing

It was settled long ago

And what remains is history and regret.

K. Pilapovich

K. Pilapovich is an unpublished Ukranian artist/poet. All poetry is translated from Ukranian. Secret, fragile skies is happy to introduce her work to our readers.

Photo: here


layers said...

the imagery you put with the poetry is always so haunting and beautiful.

Lydia said...

I'm pleased to know about Ms. Pilopovich, who, without this perfect blog, I'd probably never have known. Her poem says much of what I now think of my teens-20s.

Steph... said...

I really like this.....Short but very meaningful...

Naomi Rose said...

thanks for using my photo! that's my mother as a young girl <3